Making Your Car More Comfortable

Making Your Car More Comfortable

Exposing Common Transmission Repair Misconceptions

Rodney Torres

A vehicle that is suffering from transmission problems can be extremely unsafe and unreliable to operate. While the transmission is an integral part of your car, you may be like many other drivers and believe some potentially costly notions.

Myth: It Is Always More Economical To Replace An Older Car Rather Than Replace A Transmission

It can be common for individuals to own older cars, and considering the costs of upgrading a vehicle, it is understandable for people to want to delay this expense. However, it is commonly assumed that it will be more cost-effective to simply replace a vehicle that is needing a new transmission. Yet, this may not be the case as it can be fairly affordable to rebuild transmissions. Furthermore, most transmission repair services will provide a warranty of some kind for your repairs so that you do not have to worry about the transmission failing soon after the work is completed.

Myth: A Rental Car Is Always Provided By Insurance For Lengthy Repairs

Regardless of whether you choose to have the transmission rebuilt or replaced, you will likely be without your car for at least several days. In some instances, it may be a couple of weeks before this work is completed. The amount of time needed will largely depend on the type of damage done to the transmission as well as the availability of parts. Foreign cars and classic vehicles will often take the longest as the components for the transmission may need to be shipped great distances. In order to know whether you will be provided with a rental car by your auto insurance, you will need to speak with your agent. Some transmission repair services will offer their customers complimentary rental cars or they may partner with a local rental company to provide discounts to their customers, but you may need to speak with numerous repair providers to locate one that can offer you these features.

Myth: A Transmission Will Show Obvious Warning Signs That A Problem Is Developing

Due to the importance of the transmission, many drivers are under the false assumption that they will be able to easily determine whether or not the transmission is experiencing problems. However, the warning signs for most transmission problems will start out barely noticeable. By the time you are able to easily observe issues with the transmission, it is likely that considerable damage has been done to the vehicle. You can help to protect your car against these damages by having the transmission checked at least once a year and at the first sign of unusual behavior. These inspections will rarely take more than a couple of hours, and they will allow any minor issues with the transmission to be repaired before major damages can result.

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