Making Your Car More Comfortable

Making Your Car More Comfortable

Why An Aluminum Trailer Might Be A Better Choice For You Small Business

Rodney Torres

If you are in the market for a utility or equipment trailer for your business, there can be some excellent reasons to consider an aluminum model. Not all trailers are created alike, though, so taking some time to look at the options and determine the best equipment trailer for your needs is essential. 

Construction And Materials

When looking for an equipment trailer, you may want to consider one made entirely of aluminum for your business. The aluminum used to construct the trailer is substantially lighter than steel or other optional materials, so the trailer's payload can be higher for the same size trailer and still be within the legal cargo weight of the trailer. 

The lower trailer weight also makes the trailer easier to tow, especially if you are trying to use a smaller truck as your tow vehicle. A half-ton truck or SUVs often enough to pull a moderately sized aluminum equipment trailer with a load on it. 

The aluminum alloy is as strong as most steel and has some properties that allow it to flex and support weight better in some situations. The trailer manufacturer can choose the alloy for specific uses as well, so take some time and talk with the trailer dealer about what you need your trailer to do. 

The dealer can help you select an aluminum equipment trailer that will be perfect for your needs and strong enough to support the weight of all the things you need to put on it. If you know the weight of all your equipment, take that information to the dealer with you because it can help narrow down the trailer options for you.

Trailer Maintenace And Cost

An aluminum equipment trailer is easy to maintain because the aluminum is durable and naturally rust-resistant. If it gets dirty, it can be washed and cleaned up with soap and water, and in extreme cases, some cleaners are specifically made to restore aluminum to its original look. There is no paint to scratch because the aluminum doesn't require the paint to protect it from corrosion or the elements. 

The wheel bearings will need to be greased regularly and the tires checked for damage, but there is not much more to maintain on the trailer. The cost of an aluminum equipment trailer is often higher than ones made from other materials, but the lower cost of maintenance and the longer lifespan of the trailer can very quickly offset the additional cost you will pay upfront.

These trailers also typically retain their value longer than a steel trailer will, so if you plan to use it for a couple of years then replace it, you may want to consider the resale value.

Contact a local trailer dealer to learn more about aluminum equipment trailers.


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